Tips for Growing Cannabis in the Winter

Cannabis is a plant that has many uses, from helping people suffering from chronic pain to helping people lose weight and fend off depression. Cannabis contains chemicals called cannabinoids that interact with your endocannabinoid system that is responsible for helping your body regulate many functions, including sleep, digestion, memory, and mood. Many people tend to think of cannabis as a fair-weather crop, meaning you can only grow it in the growing season. However, it is possible to grow cannabis in the winter.

OKC Mosquito Militia offers the best cannabis pest control in Oklahoma City and Edmond. We employ IPM or Integrated Pest Management, which uses natural processes for pest control. Since cannabis is consumed, you don’t want to be using harmful pesticides on it. IPM is a low-toxicity approach to cannabis pest control that uses biological methods to preserve the marketability of your cannabis crop. Below, we’ll offer up a few tips for growing cannabis in the winter. Contact our pest control company to get started today!


Choose a Cold Weather Strain of Cannabis Plant

Some strains of cannabis plants are better at resisting cold weather than others. The key is choosing those strains that come from plants that grow in a colder environment, such as the indica strains. These strains are hardy enough to grow outside during the late fall weather in most parts of the United States, including Oklahoma. Some of these strains include Northern Lights, Afghani, White Widow, and Maple Leaf Indica. These stains also offer quick harvest times, making them perfect for late-season growing.

For cannabis pest control, insects naturally start to die off in the late fall, so pests should not be a problem. That being said, you still have to monitor for pests and ensure there is not an overabundance attacking your plants. The IPM methods that OKC Mosquito Militia employ great methods of pest control such as cultural and biological to help ensure your cannabis crop thrives as winter approaches.

Grow Indoors

Many cannabis farmers utilize greenhouses to begin with for their cannabis crops. However, by growing cannabis indoors during the winter, you won’t have to worry about the cold temperatures outdoors. Greenhouses equipped with the proper lighting and heat can grow your cannabis plants superbly and extend the photoperiod. The constant light will ensure your plants don’t enter a dormant phase and that they keep growing all winter long.

If you are growing your cannabis plants inside your home, HID lights, or high-intensity discharge lights work exceedingly well. HPS (high-pressure sodium) light and MH (metal halide) lights also get the job done. LED (low-intensity diode) lights are growing in popularity because they are more energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.

If you are about to move your cannabis plants indoors from outdoors, be sure the growing environment does not get too cold or too hot like in the fall where mornings are cold and afternoons are warm. This can lead to an increase in pests, such as spider mites, as well as mold growth, mildew, and root rot. This can affect the crop as trichome production decreases, as well as the overall potency. OKC Mosquito Militia offers cannabis pest control services in the fall and winter so you can ensure that your cannabis plants continue to thrive and grow all year long.


OKC Mosquito Militia offers the best cannabis pest control services in the greater Oklahoma City area, including Edmond. We believe in impacting the environment as little as possible, which is why we believe that IPM is the best way to eliminate pests from your cannabis plants. We invest in other insects that will eat your pests, as well as other mechanical, physical, and cultural pest control methods.

While you won’t eliminate 100% of your pest problem, you will be able to constrain it so that it won’t adversely affect your cannabis crop. Plus, these natural methods help to ensure no harmful chemicals are used on your crop, which then may be transferred to humans. Call our pest control company for all of your mosquito, flea, tick, lice mole, gopher, termite, and more problems today!