The presence of pests in homes and businesses is intolerable, but is pest control worth it? Yes! And we’ll tell you why as we go over the ins and outs of DIY vs. pest control services, and cover topics such as: 

  • The cost of pest control and why it is really worth it
  • What pest control is and how it works 
  • The real effectiveness of pest control 
  • DIY pest control in comparison to professional services 
  • Benefits of hiring a professional pest control service 
  • Choosing the right pest control service provider 

So, zip up your HAZMAT, set your traps, and let’s get down to the nitty gritty on: is pest control worth it? 

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in 2023?

In 2023, the average price of pest control is between $300 and $550 for yearly services. For individual visits the average cost of pest control is between $70 and $150. Fumigation to eliminate termites, bees, and bed bugs is a more expensive pest control service with the average cost of termite treatment at $575, and bee removal at $354. There is a wider and higher range for the average cost of bed bug extermination between $500 and $4000. Keep in mind that these are the average costs for pest control and every application is dependent on the type of pests being eliminated, the size of your property, the distance and expedience of your location, the scope of your infestation, and the required frequency for ongoing maintenance. 

With the average cost of all pest controls ranging between $70 and $4000, the answer to “is pest control worth it?,” comes down to the urgency of your unique situation. For example, most people will buy an over-the-counter insecticide for an ant infestation in the bathroom. But, if you are dealing with carpenter ants, you need to act quickly because carpenter ants eat and weaken the wood beams behind your walls causing damage similar to termite damage. On the whole, when pests begin to destroy the value and stability of your home, or threaten the well-being of your family and/or inhabitants, it’s time to contact an exterminator. If you’ve had multiple occurrences of a pest infestation at your property–even after DIY treatment–hire a pest control professional.

Does Pest Control Work?

Yes, routine pest control works and is extremely effective for eliminating indoor and outdoor pests. After an initial pest control treatment there is an experiential difference in pest activity, beginning immediately with mosquitos and insects, and within 1 to 2 days for other pests. Professional pest control companies, like OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control, have a thorough understanding of extermination methods and strategies. Critically, they can account for important variables like climate, architecture, and level of infestation to inform their pest control plan.

What is Pest Control and How Does it Work?

Pest control is the elimination, removal, and maintenance of harmful insects, vermin, and critters that infest spaces where people live and work. Pest control professionals use advanced technology to inspect properties for signs of pests, then exterminate pests using a variety of pest control treatments. Many pest control treatments require seasonal applications to ensure the property remains pest-free year-round.

Pest control is an old and noble profession. The most famous ‘rat catcher’ in modern history is probably Jack Black (no, not the actor). In the mid-1800s, Jack Black was the self proclaimed rat catcher and mole destroyer for the Queen of England (Queen Victoria). Though this claim was only a marketing ploy, Jack Black elevated the pest control profession by dressing himself in a distinguished uniform with a green topcoat, top hat, and breeches with a large leather sash. To this day, the tradition of pest control professionals wearing uniforms has continued, as has the importance and enduring legacy of eliminating pests in the modern “castles” clients call home.

Today’s professionals also combine the know-how of the ancient trade with modern technologies and techniques. A pest control professional will assess your infestation and various other environmental factors before embarking on an appropriate control/extermination plan.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pest Control Service

Professional Expertise

Most of us have some experience with DIY pest control products that haven’t worked or have caused more problems than solutions. The benefits of professional pest control service are the expertise to permanently eliminate pest infestations inside and outside your home or business. Every pest requires a different extermination method, and getting professional expertise means you can skip the trial and error to solve your pest problem quickly.

Efficient Extermination

Efficient extermination and technology used to mean a stalwart rat terrier, but now it means modern methods of identifying and exterminating pests. Thermal imagery allows exterminators to see a heat signature behind a wall, in order to identify and treat hard-to-find pests like termites, bed bugs, and roaches. Drones are also helpful to reveal the specific pests plaguing your property or rooftop. Pest control professionals bring traditional and cutting-edge techniques to vermin and infestation eradication.

Family-Safe, Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Advances in technology also include scientific testing to ensure that insecticides and pesticides are non-harmful to people and pets. In fact, more and more pest technicians are using highly targeted eco-friendly products to keep you and your family safe. A great way to say this, is our products are tested and designed to be the exact kryptonite for each specific pest, while also being harmless to people and pets.

Prevention of Future Pests

Many DIY methods of pest control fail to get to the heart of the problem. Mice traps might catch the vermin in your kitchen, but they won’t stop pests from breeding and multiplying in their nests. Pest control professionals will assess a problem holistically, managing causative factors and getting to the root of an infestation. This means extermination and a strategy to continuously eliminate pests before they can spread.

Stopping Health Risks Associated with Pests

Dealing with vermin is dangerous. Most pests carry a cocktail of diseases with them. Any contact between you and an infestation can expose you to myriad health risks. Getting a professional to deal with a pest problem shields you and your household from potential illness and disease. It also protects your food stores, water supply, and even central heating from contamination by pests.

Time and Cost Savings

Time is money. Keep in mind, all the time you aren’t dedicating to pest control is time you can allocate to managing your own endeavors. DIY pest control solutions often drag on, becoming more and more costly as you fight a losing battle against vermin. A professional will almost always save you money in the long run. Preventing recurrent pest problems, and getting issues resolved quickly is the mark of a professional in the pest control business.

DIY Pest Control VS Professional Services

DIY pest control has been a domestic duty in the American colonies since day one. These days, the duty of setting traps and poison generally falls to the man of the house. This is a relatively recent phenomenon, however — amongst the early settlers, pest control was considered women’s work. If you’re reading this, the mantle of pest control no doubt rests on your shoulders. Let’s see whether this is a task you should tackle alone or delegate to a professional in the pest control industry.


DIY Pest Control

Professional Services


Low upfront cost

Higher upfront cost. Potentially saves money in the long term.

Level of Infestation

Low-level infestation

High-level infestation or destructive pests

Time and Efficiency

Longer time frame. More time-consuming. 

Faster eradication timeline. Saves time and stress.

Health and Safety Protocols

No strict protocols. Potential exposure to diseases.

Follows strict health and safety protocols. Protects against vermin-related diseases.


When the people of Hamelin–circa 1300–failed to pay their pest control service (The Pied Piper), the results were catastrophic. Hiring a professional requires more cash up front, but in the long term, it can save you a lot of money. Getting an infestation under control prevents damage to your home and the spread of pest-related illnesses in your household. 

Level of Infestation

Some infestations can be dealt with by laying poison or setting traps. Mice, ants, and low-level rat infestations are well within the capacity of an amateur. For termites or other destructive pests, you’ll want to bring out the big guns and seek professional assistance.

Time and Efficiency

A pest control professional will be able to give you a clear timeline for the eradication of vermin and pests. This will almost always be faster than what you could expect to achieve on your own. Not to mention – the eradication and control of pests is a big job! Most of us are already busy enough, without adding another chore to our roster. Delegating responsibility for pest control to a professional can save you a lot of time and stress.

Health and Safety Protocols

Pest control professionals follow strict health and safety protocols. There are rules and laws that govern professional pest experts using pesticides. This ensures you and your household are kept safe from vermin-related disease and illness. For business owners, it’s sometimes mandatory to contract a pest control company to deal with vermin or insect infestations. Attempting to manage pest control without professional assistance can lead to unwanted exposure to a host of vermin-related diseases. Pest control professionals can protect you from unnecessary risk to your and your household’s wellbeing.

How to Choose a Pest Control Company

If you’re thinking of hiring a pest control provider, it’s important to know how to choose the right one. A range of factors will affect your decision, including:

  • Appropriate certification
  • A provider’s specialization and experience
  • Reviews (online and word of mouth)
  • Appropriate liability insurance
  • The safety of their methods
  • Price
  • Warranties or guarantees of customer satisfaction.


Let’s break down those factors in a little more detail…

1) Check for Proper Licensing & Certification

Every state in the US has its own licensing and certification systems for pest control providers. These licenses ensure that a pest control professional is providing a safe and effective service. Make sure you check what certifications are mandatory in your state, and that your provider is properly licensed.

2) Look for a Company with Experience in Handling Your Specific Pest Problem

Every pest requires a different approach. Some pest control companies specialize in insects, while others specialize in vermin. Working with a company that specializes in your pest problem is the best way to exterminate a specific pest.

Read Reviews and Ask for Referrals from Friends and Family

Checking reviews should be standard practice before hiring a pest control provider. If you can get a referral from a trusted friend or acquaintance, that is even better. Bottom line: make sure you investigate your pest control company by checking them out online.

3) Ensure Employees of the Company Are Bonded

At first, at least, your pest control technician will be a friendly stranger to you. It’s wise to ask your pest control company if their employees are bonded. This protects you and your home from any unintentional damages caused by the technician as they service your property. When a pest control company employee is bonded, the company will reimburse any damages caused by the technician. 

4) Inquire about the Pest Control Methods They Use and If They are Safe for Humans and Pets

Make sure your pest control provider is aware of allergies or pets that are present in your household. Different requirements may necessitate different approaches to managing your pest problem and keeping everyone safe.

5) Ask for a Detailed Quote of the Pest Control Services They Will Provide

Getting a detailed quote upfront is very important. The last thing you want is to be dealing with hidden costs and fees once the work is already done.

6) Check if the Company Offers a Guarantee or Warranty for Their Services

If a pest control company can’t offer a guarantee or warranty, do they really stand behind their work? OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bottom line: You want to hire qualified pest control professionals who can give you real assurances that you will get the results you’re seeking.

Bottom Line: Yes, Pest Control Is Worth It!

Pest control is absolutely worth it! The peace of mind and safety that a professional can provide is worth far more than the fees they charge. Pest control will quickly and efficiently deal with infestations, and save you a lot of time and money down the line.


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