Natural Porch Spray


Our newest product for the home is our Porch Spray! Tired of the crane flies following you inside in the early spring? Tired of the bugs flying around your porch light? Try our Porch Spray for long-lasting relief from pests on the porch!

All Natural Fly Spray – 32 oz


This all natural product will keep the flies off of your beloved horse for days, not hours but days!  It smells nice and the horses love the cooling feeling as it evaporates off their skin. ALSO works on outdoor dining tables at restaurants or at home! Enjoy your meal in peace!

Natural SUPERMAX Spray On Mosquito Repellent DEET-Free

$11.99 4 oz

This is probably the most effective mosquito repellent in the world! In our testing, we consistently achieved 98% for several hours! Nothing we ever tested smelled so great, went on so lightly or worked as long! The fragrance is reminds me of a men’s cologne. For those that think NOTHING works on them, this is your stuff!

DIY Hose End Sprayer


Finally, our incredible yard spray product is now in a convenient hose end sprayer! Simply attach to the hose and go! If you are having a get together outside, spray everything down with our Hose End Sprayer and you will be able to entertain pest free!  This is MORE EFFECTIVE than the chemical pesticides!

Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks 19″ (8 pack)


We frequently dine outdoors at a friend’s house. Prior to setting two or three of these, depending on the winds, and the tow of us will eat outside for hours with no mosquitoes and rarely a fly! And it smells great! For a larger gathering, just add more sticks!




Vollara Unit  

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Proverde Wasp Freeze  

PROVERDE Wasp & Hornet Killer is a fast contact insecticide that controls wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. It is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticides Exempted from FIFRA Registration and may be used in sensitive areas including kitchens, schools and hospitals.