Pest Control in OKC & Edmond


While many people are fond of rats and mice, they are a major pest. In fact, rats and mice cause millions of dollars worth of damage to American farmers’ crops every year. Plus, they can carry more than 60 diseases that can infect humans, pets, and livestock. That being said, rodents form a critical part of the food chain, as they are the primary food source for many other species, such as raptors.
If you have a mice and/or rat problem, give OKC Mosquito Militia a call today. We serve Oklahoma City and Edmond with the best pest control services that are eco-friendly and effective. We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions as much as possible in order to lessen our impact on the environment. Partner with us today!


It’s important to keep wildlife and any creature that naturally fends for itself outdoors. When creatures come indoors to our homes, this is when they become a nuisance and a pest and actions must be taken. In the case of rodents, finding their entry points is one way to help stop them from entering. However, sometimes more advanced rat extermination methods must be taken in order to effectively rid them from your space.

OKC Mosquito Militia offers a wide variety of pest control solutions throughout OKC and Edmond. From wildlife and ant control to cannabis pest control and rat control, we can help you keep your home or office safe from unwanted critters. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can rid your home or office space of rats and/or mice. Give our pest control company a call today!


  • Set mouse traps. Mouse traps are a quick and painless way to kill mice and/or rats that have entered your home or office. These devices lure the mouse to a piece of bait. When the mouse goes to pull the food off, the device releases, killing the mouse. These come in many varieties, such as bar, clam, or a hidden kill.
  • Set mouse bait. Another popular way to kill mice is to use a poison. One of the most popular types of mouse poison is the kind where the mouse ingests small pellets. They then run off and eventually are killed. These are highly effective, but it can lead to dead mice around your home.
  • Live traps. Many homeowners and business owners cannot bring themselves to kill these cute critters, so they use a live trap instead. Here, the mouse or rat is lured into a contained trap, but it can’t get out once it enters. Usually, a mechanism is triggered that closes the door behind it. Once you capture the invading critter, you either must humanely kill it or release it into the wild away from your home.
  • Seal up entryways. Stopping mice and rats from entering in the first place is your best bet for ending a rodent infestation. Start by walking the perimeter of your home or office, looking for any holes or openings in your walls. Since rodents are excellent climbers, check your roof eaves as well for entry points, as well as your soffits and chimney. If you find a hole, repair it as soon as possible to prevent further entry.
  • Seal up food. Rats and mice are attracted to your food and water sources. OKC Mosquito Militia reminds Oklahoma City and Edmond residents to be sure to keep your food containers sealed up tight, repair any leaky faucets that could be a source of water for rats and mice, and keep your home, especially your kitchen, clean from food bits. Don’t forget your pantry where you keep food for the long-term. This is a favorite spot of rats and mice because you don’t enter all that often.


Many times you can DIY rodent removal. However, these pests are incredibly resilient, and since they have such a high reproduction rate, sometimes you have to call for backup.

OKC Mosquito Militia has years of experience in rodent and mice extermination and removal. We use eco-friendly means to rid your home or office of these harmful pests in order to keep you, your family, and your employees safe. In addition, we offer wildlife control services. We can help when squirrels, skunks, and more decide to take up residence. Whether you need help with mosquitos in your backyard or you have a mole and gopher problem, we’re the local pest control company to call.

Your home is your castle, and you want to protect it. By calling in the professionals, you’ll be able to rest assured that your rodent problem is handled. Call for a free estimate today!


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