A typical treatment will average 15 minutes for a one-man crew and under 10 minutes for our 2 man crews. Larger yards may take longer to treat. Each treatment will last up to 21 days for a traditional treatment and 14 days for the 100% organic treatment.
Yes. The treatments not only control mosquitoes but also fleas, ticks and most biting flies. However there are more extensive treatments available for targeted control of fleas and ticks.
No. As long as your gate is unlocked and your pets are inside or covered, our technician can treat. Your technician will leave a slip at your door so you will always know when and what time your yard was serviced, along with helpful advice for keeping your yard as uninviting as possible for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other pests.
As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (usually 30 minutes), rain shouldn’t impact the effectiveness of your service. However, our guarantee ensures that if the quality of your service is affected by rain we will reapply at no cost.
NO. Due to state laws governing pesticide applications, we can’t do any treatment using organic or regular pesticides with the homeowner inside the residence.
We typically recommend leaving the home for at least an hour after the treatment. You want to be gone long enough for the treatment to dry, so that the treatment isn’t transferred to non-target areas in the home.


Our mosquito control process is targeted and thorough.