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When you need wildlife removal, OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control is available around the clock. Here in Oklahoma, we have our fair share of wildlife. While you love to enjoy wildlife, it’s usually from afar. So, when raccoons, skunks, armadillos, opossums, squirrels, and more decide to make your home or office a home, it’s time to remove them for good. OKC Mosquito Militia serves Oklahoma City and Edmond with pest control and animal control services.

Sometimes these pests decide to make their home in your home, which is when you call us. Our expert wildlife removal team will humanely remove the critters for you, leaving your home or office critter-free. Call us today or contact us online for all your animal and wildlife removal services in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas like Edmond, Moore, Yukon, and Norman, OK.



For most of us, our home is sacred. It’s the place we feel the safest and the warmest, and it’s the place we retreat to for comfort. After a long hard day at school or the office, our homes are where we can just be ourselves and relax. However, when wildlife invades, it can feel like a military invasion. That’s where OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control comes in.

OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control offers wildlife removal services in and around Oklahoma City. Our service areas for wildlife control and removal include Edmond, Moore, Yukon, Norman and many more. Our expert wildlife control team can remove most small critters, from raccoons and skunks to squirrels and armadillos. No doubt these critters love our cozy homes as much as we do; however, wildlife can find a nice home elsewhere. When your home or office has been invaded, we have just the army to forcefully remove them. Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of professional wildlife control services. Contact us today to get started!

Keeps You Safe

Many people try to DIY wildlife removal because they think these critters are small and harmless. However, wild animals are all alike, meaning that when their lives are threatened, they will do anything to defend themselves. That cute little squirrel that eats nuts in your backyard can turn into a biting machine, as well as the skunk, opossum, and armadillo who are equally as cute. These critters can carry harmful diseases for humans, such as the plague, rabies, and more. A wildlife removal expert such as OKC Mosquito Militia has the tools, knowledge, and wildlife handling abilities to safely and humanely remove the critter from your home or office.

Prevents Future Habitations

Critters are sneaky little creatures, and the last thing you want is a recurrence of your critter problem. For instance, you can remove one or two of the critters, but some may be out foraging for food and doing what wild creatures do, so you miss them and they return. Or, if the access point is not found, it will probably be just a matter of time before another one finds it down the road. When you partner with a professional wildlife control company such as OKC Mosquito Militia Total Pest Control, we’ll ensure we trap all of your critters and that we find where they are getting in and out and help you to get it patched up. It may require a different type of professional, such as a roofer if they are accessing it that way, but we can most definitely help with a temporary patch. Call today!

Saves You Time

Raccoons, opossums, skunks, and other pests are small creatures that can be quite wily when they want to be. Trying to figure out how to trap them and remove them with homemade traps or traps off the internet can be time-consuming, or worse, ineffective. You can waste time and money trying to get rid of your critter problem when one call to a professional wildlife removal company in OKC such as OKC Mosquito Militia can rid you of your critters with one phone call. The old ways of chasing critters with brooms won’t work; call us to remove critters the right way!

OKC Mosquito Militia does not mess around when it comes to residential or commercial wildlife removal. We understand that not only are critters a nuisance, but they are also a health hazard. Many raccoons, skunks, opossums, and squirrels carry diseases that humans can catch. The droppings that they leave behind are also extremely unsanitary and will probably require a professional if they abided in your home or office for any length of time.

It’s important that if you do have a wildlife removal situation to seek out professional health and make sure your cleanup is thorough. We ensure your critter problem is handled professionally, humanely, and correctly the first time. We want to ensure that you can rest easy at night not hearing the scratching or pattering sounds of critters running around in your attic or elsewhere. Our expert team will help you quickly and efficiently.

In addition, it’s important that you ensure you follow up with preventative measures. While we love hearing from our customers, the nature of our job means that we have failed if we have to come out again. We’d rather see you at the grocery store than at your home or office for the same critter problem. OKC Mosquito Militia offers the best wildlife control services in the OKC area. We also can take care of your other pest problems, including mosquito control, termites, bed bugs, bees, lice, moles, gophers, and more. Call us for all your pest control needs today!


OKC Mosquito Militia offers the best pest control services, including mosquito control. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we adhere to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) processes in order to leave as little environmental impact as possible, as well as invest in humane animal control services.

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