Mosquito Misting vs. Spraying Every 21 Days

I’m fielding lots of questions about the effectiveness of a mosquito misting system Versus spraying your yard every 21 days. There are several big things to consider first is price, the average cost of a mosquito misting system is $2500 then there is a monthly maintenance cost that will average around $200 depending on who […]

Mosquito Epidemics

I hope that you guys are taking this mosquito epidemic serious. They are getting more and more dangerous carrying, ZIKA virus, West nile, Chikungunya,Dengue,Yellow fever, several strains of Encephalitus, as well as heartworms for our dogs and Equine Encephalitus. They are the most dangerous animal on the planet. I have many clients that never knew […]

Weed Management Program

Well Its still really cold outside but here at OKC Mosquito Militia we do more than just skeeters. We also offer a highly effective Weed Management Program for your lawn and like everything else we can use organic treatments in doing so making your yard beautiful and free of toxic chemicals. The treatments also put […]