I hope that you guys are taking this mosquito epidemic serious. They are getting more and more dangerous carrying, ZIKA virus, West nile, Chikungunya,Dengue,Yellow fever, several strains of Encephalitus, as well as heartworms for our dogs and Equine Encephalitus.

They are the most dangerous animal on the planet. I have many clients that never knew that mosquito spraying even existed and have fought off these nasty viruses with debilitating effects and in some cases they have family members that have lost their lives. The chances of getting one of these debilitating viruses can be mitigated by more than 95% by simply treating around your yard in the areas we all frequent in the summer. You get a flu shot so you maybe wont get the flu.

Well by spraying your yard for mosquitos is the same deal except we have alot higher sucess rate. Over 500 customers cant be wrong about how well this works. If you don’t spray you are simply playing russian roulette and thats just the cold hard facts. We get new clients daily that have experienced the nasty effects of the mosquito. It does happen and right here in OKC. The first treatment is only $39.95 so what do you have to lose besides your way of life if you get sick from a mosquito bite. Our schedule is booking up very fast call today at 509-3051 to get on the schedule. No obligations and no contracts our service speaks for itself. Our website it wwww.tkobugs.com.