Young Mosquito Population

The young mosquito are swarming today after the rain. We suspect that they will start breeding very soon. When that happens they will start biting. There are lots of things that you can do to mitigate the population. Dump everything that’s holding water. If it’s a running fish pond or working pool you are fine. Clean your gutters. Probably the most overlooked but very important things that one can do. By leaving leaves and debris it will hold water and create a habitat for the mosquito that’s on the house. We are trying to push them out of the area the further the better. Keep grass short. Tall grass over 6 inches provides a moist and shaded mosquito habitat. Plant things in the yard that repel mosquitoes. Lemon grass, citronella, lavender and mint are all great mosquito repelling plants. If all these measures fail and you are still being preyed upon look into adding a regular mosquito treatment into the mix. Although we will never be totally mosquito free we can enjoy being outside and minimize the contact that you have with them. Make sure the company you choose offers a treatment plan that will both repel and kill mosquitoes in the area. Call 509-3051 with any questions or visit new customer special is 41.95$ for your first treatment. Treatments will also kill fleas and ticks.