Summer Season Pests

With all the rain today the bugs are going to be going bananas. We have seen just this week and number of termite infestations, ants galore, mole crickets so bad they turned a yard into a Mudd hole and mosquitos that appear to be part bird because they are big! I have a bit of personal testimony I got a mosquito bite the other day on my leg that I felt when it happened because it stung and was followed by a burning sensation for about an hour after I mashed the thing. It had bitten me right through my pants. This is first for me and I sure hope was just some weird reaction my body had and not a new normal. Make sure you keep your property clear of the standing water and start a regular mosquito treatment plan to keep your yard clear of the mosquitos.

Call today 509-3051 to get on a route as they are filling up rapidly or visit to get more information.