Mosquitoes are biting!

Mosquitoes are biting!! I know you are pumped right? Hope not I think they suck literally but being outside doesn’t have too. So let’s run through some things that we are finding that are causing population increases. A lot of people have the gutters funneled out into the yard where it dumps the water. Well it holds a lot of water and is a breeding ground for skeeters. Make sure you you put mosquito dunks down inside them. Also clear the leaves and debris from any drains in your yard. The debris causes water to pool and stand. Take dunks and put in these drains as well. If you have grates that are screwed down just crumble the dunks up into the drain. If you can keep the mosquitoes from breeding near your house will decrease the likely hood of coming into contact with them. Standing water is your enemy when dealing with mosquitoes. Call 509-3051 with any questions or visit to get more information on how to combat mosquitoes and take back your yard. Treatments start at $40.00 and will kill fleas and ticks as well. Organic options available.