Mosquito Misting vs. Spraying Every 21 Days

I’m fielding lots of questions about the effectiveness of a mosquito misting system Versus spraying your yard every 21 days. There are several big things to consider first is price, the average cost of a mosquito misting system is $2500 then there is a monthly maintenance cost that will average around $200 depending on who you are using and if anything has to be replaced.

To have your yard sprayed for the whole season it will average around $420 for an average sized yard in the OKC metro and can go up slightly for larger properties. The other big difference is that with the home misting system is that there is no residual control of mosquitoes past when the timed application goes off which means that if the mosquito isn’t around when it goes off being the case most of the time it won’t kill or repel them because of the kind of chemicals that are allowed to be put in these systems.

When a 21 day treatment is applied we are able to get into all of the areas where the mosquito will go and hide throughout the day and also land once they are active killing and repelling them throughout the 21 day period.

We are living in dangerous times and the mosquito is the most dangerous animal on the planet and can make you and your family very sick and even cause death. The home misting systems are very expensive upfront and the maintenance is also expensive and the company installing them rarely tell you about these things up front.

Also note that if you are near the misting systems when the timed applications go off they can make you, your family and pets sick. At OKC mosquito militia we will service existing systems at a customers request but we don’t install them because we believe that we are doing a disservice to our clients when there is a much more effective, and much less expensive way to take care of these problems.

Also know that the mosquito application that’s applied every 21 days will kill fleas, ticks and spiders just the same as a home misting system and it doesn’t matter if they are in the area at the time of the application or not. We are also seeing other companies trying to do mosquito treatments with a regular spray line and nozzle and this is simply ineffective for mosquitoes because of the way they must be treated for.

If you hire a company to treat for mosquitoes and they show up and start pulling a hose out know that although they may kill general pest it has been proven that it is a ineffective way to treat for mosquitoes and you are going to get many bites. Make sure when hiring someone to do your mosquito treatments that they have the knowledge, experience and equipment to do the job right.

I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have regardless of whether you hire OKC Mosquito militia to do your treatments or not. With OKC Mosquito militia the first treatment of the season is $39.95 if you pre-book now and on average $55.00 for each treatment thereafter and we can do it organically repelling and killing mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and spiders when they enter the areas that have been treated for mosquitoes. As always no contracts we let our work do the talking. Call 405-509-3051 with any questions or to pre-book your appointments. You can also visit for further information or to request a quote or additional information.