Kiss Your Bug Spray Goodbye!

KISS your BUG SPRAY GOODBYE!! We are able to make your yard a bug spray free zone. Meaning if you are outside around your home in the treated area you don’t need to take a DEET bath. We are giving families mosquito free yards and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals in the environment and chemicals that you put on your body to keep mosquitoes away. Our treatments are a Top Secret blend of organic compounds that will repel mosquitoes in the area and kill on contact any mosquito, flea, tick or spider that dare enter the treated areas. Call us to see what all of your neighbors are raving about and experience the mosquito militia difference. Your yard our hunting ground. Call the office today at 509-3051 and tell Rebecca you want the new customer special for $40.00. Treatments are done every 21 days. Don’t wait with the rain we have received the mosquitoes are breeding like crazy. 509-3051 or submit for a quote at