BE WARNED!! I’m getting lots of new customers from other companies that claim to provide effective and organic mosquito control. Before you hire a company make sure they are licensed and have insurance. Ask how long have they been in business and do they have a business location that’s not their home. Do they have decals on their company vehicles or do they just put a magnet on the door or nothing at all? These Questions Will tell you how established they are. If they are a brand new company stay away from them let them make all the mistakes on someone else’s property not you.. One of these companies killed the customers fish by putting toxic chemicals out and getting the chemicals in the water. A true organic treatment will not kill anything other than bugs. Another customer we picked up said that the treatment made their dog sick. Again organic won’t make anything sick. Call 509-3051 to schedule your appointment. Don’t be the learning ground for all these little mosquito companies that opened this year.