Grubs: What You Need to Know

Most of us love a beautiful yard when the summer hits. After all, you’ve just spent all of winter cooped up in your home, and now you can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather, the beautiful summer flowers, the trees, the birds, the fresh air, and more. However, what you don’t love is seeing large brown patches in your yard, which can be a sign that you have grub worms.

Grub worms are truly nasty little things that are the immature form of scarab beetles. They eat grass roots and organic matter on their way to maturity, making nasty brown spots in your yard that are difficult to grow back. That’s because the grub worms eat the roots of the grasses, basically destroying them in the process.

OKC Mosquito Militia can help. We offer the best pest control services, including grub control and prevention, in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and the surrounding areas. Our top-notch technicians can handle any grub control problem safely and effectively. Below, we’ll take a look at this nuisance pest and offer up tips on how to get rid of them from your yard. Contact our grub control company today to get started!

The Grub

Although their name can be funny, these little pests have nothing funny about the damage they leave behind. They lie dormant in the winter as eggs and then they hatch in the spring when they begin feeding on your roots and plants. They do this until they turn into adults, and then they will continue to infest your yard as they reproduce.

To check your lawn for grubs, you simply pull up the damaged grass portion of your yard. They don’t burrow too deep, and they don’t stand out because they are white. These nasty pests are great fodder for some other critters that can be nuisances, such as raccoons, skunks, and birds. If you notice torn up patches in your yard when you wake up in the morning, odds are, critters have been digging up grubs. While this is great that other critters are helping you get rid of grubs, they have to tear up your yard even more in order to do so — something that is not so great.


A small number of grubs is usually not a problem. They won’t do too much damage to notice it. However, if your brown spots are becoming unsightly and you can find no other reason for them but the presence of grubs, then it’s best to invest in a grub control solution for your OKC or Edmond home.

Hire a Professional Grub Control Company

There’s no shame in calling for backup, and OKC Mosquito Militia is happy to help you with your grub worm problem. We’ll do a thorough analysis and then treat for only grub worms, using non-toxic, eco-friendly grub control pesticides. The best time to treat for grubs is the early summer, so June to early July. This will not only halt the damage they will do to your residential or commercial lawn, but it will help to reduce your grub population come the following year. Thus, you are investing in grub control and grub prevention at the same time.

DIY Grub Control

You can certainly go the all-natural route as well, avoiding pesticides altogether. There are several methods of this on the market today. There’s grub-killing nematodes, which are little worms that naturally feed on grubs. You can try to deep-water your lawn, since they don’t like deep-roots on grass. You can dethatch your lawn and then apply a natural grub pesticide. In essence, OKC Mosquito Militia recommends that if you do choose a DIY method to do your research thoroughly ahead of time. If you don’t see the results come to fruition you were looking for, then reach out to our pest control technicians today!


We love spending time outdoors in our mini-oases as much as you do, especially after a long, hard week at work. We began as a company dedicated to eradicating mosquitoes from your front and backyards, and now we have expanded to offer many more services, including commercial pest control, wildlife control, and other pests, such as rats, mice, bees, fleas, ticks, termites, and more. Our expert pest control technicians have years of fighting and controlling these nuisance animals and insects so you can enjoy your free time.

Grubs, while playing a crucial role for food for other animals, can become a nuisance where there are too many of them. Grub control and prevention can be handled quickly and efficiently by a grub control company, such as OKC Mosquito Militia. Rather than waste your weekend fighting grubs, spend it at the lake, biking, or BBQing with friends. Call our grub control company in Oklahoma City and Edmond today!