1. Young Mosquito Population

    The young mosquito are swarming today after the rain. We suspect that they will start breeding very soon. When that happens they will start biting. There are lots of things that you can do to mitigate the population. Dump everything that’s holding water. If it’s a running fish pond or working po…Read More

  2. Be Mosquito Free!

    Be mosquito free!!!! Are you tired of bathing in bug spray! Are you tired of swatting skeeters away from you. We have a solution for all of these things. We will apply a treatment that will repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks from the area and kill anything that enters into the yard. Routes are fillin…Read More

  3. Kiss Your Bug Spray Goodbye!

    KISS your BUG SPRAY GOODBYE!! We are able to make your yard a bug spray free zone. Meaning if you are outside around your home in the treated area you don’t need to take a DEET bath. We are giving families mosquito free yards and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals in the environment and chemic…Read More


    BE WARNED!! I’m getting lots of new customers from other companies that claim to provide effective and organic mosquito control. Before you hire a company make sure they are licensed and have insurance. Ask how long have they been in business and do they have a business location that’s not their…Read More

  5. Zika update!!

    There’s now evidence linking the Zika virus to Guillian-barre syndrome (GBS). The CDC has confirmed that there have been 2 cases in the US of patients that tested positive for the Zika virus contracting GBS. GBS is a condition where the immune system starts attacking the bodies nerves, which leads…Read More

  6. Important Facts about Mosquito Viruses

    EV-D68 VIRUS: The EV-D68 VIRUS is re-emerging. This virus can be spread from one infected person to another infected person through coughing, sneezing, or by touching contaminated surfaces. Source: http://www.cdc.gov/non-polio-enterovirus/about/ev-d68.html ZIKA Virus: Zika virus is spread to humans …Read More

  7. Mosquito Misting vs. Spraying Every 21 Days

    I’m fielding lots of questions about the effectiveness of a mosquito misting system Versus spraying your yard every 21 days. There are several big things to consider first is price, the average cost of a mosquito misting system is $2500 then there is a monthly maintenance cost that will average ar…Read More

  8. Mosquito Epidemics

    I hope that you guys are taking this mosquito epidemic serious. They are getting more and more dangerous carrying, ZIKA virus, West nile, Chikungunya,Dengue,Yellow fever, several strains of Encephalitus, as well as heartworms for our dogs and Equine Encephalitus. They are the most dangerous animal o…Read More

  9. Weed Management Program

    Well Its still really cold outside but here at OKC Mosquito Militia we do more than just skeeters. We also offer a highly effective Weed Management Program for your lawn and like everything else we can use organic treatments in doing so making your yard beautiful and free of toxic chemicals. The tre…Read More