Weed Management Program

Well Its still really cold outside but here at OKC Mosquito Militia we do more than just skeeters. We also offer a highly effective Weed Management Program for your lawn and like everything else we can use organic treatments in doing so making your yard beautiful and free of toxic chemicals.

The treatments also put the healthy bacteria back into your lawn that have been killed off from years of toxic chemicals being applied and stripping the soil. By re-introducing these healthy bacteria your lawn can break down nutrients that already exist in the soil that currently cant be used because there’s no healthy bacteria to break it down and use them to produce a healthier, thicker lawn with a deep root system that better tolerates the intense heat of our Oklahoma summers.

PRE-EMERGE for WEEDS NOW by messaging us here or call our office at 405-509-3051 or visit www.tkobugs.com and find out what over 500 OKC Metro families already know and why they use OKC Mosquito militia each and every season. PRE-EMERGE NOW.